Somebody's watching you

Am I being watched when I search the internet?

Have you ever wondered if someone is watching you surf the internet from the adverts that appear upon your Social Media profile?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can search for something on the internet such as food items, holiday planning or even what’s on at the cinema then the next time you visit your Facebook page you see a reference to what you were browsing the internet for appearing as a Facebook adverts.  How is this possible? Is someone watching me whilst I search the net then placing adverts specific to my search history on my Facebook feed?

Well you can relax in this instance, no-one is watching you while you surf the internet it is something that is called the “Facebook Pixel”. 

Facebook Pixel
Facebook Logo

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of computer coding that is placed on a website.  When a website is visited with the Facebook Pixel, it automatically activates the pixel which in turn sends data to your Facebook profile informing Facebook of your viewing.  In turn, this enables Facebook to place tailored adverts within your news feed of sites that you recently viewed.

What is the aim of the Facebook Pixel?

The aim of Facebook Pixels is to record data on the amount of people that subsequently click on the Facebook adverts and go on to purchase the advertised products. This way each seller knows what Facebook adverts have been successful.

If you’re looking for an online bargain, go-ahead and treat yourself, but be aware that if the website displays the Facebook Pixel, you may receive adverts from this site on your Facebook profile for your viewing so please take care if children use your accounts to play games with Christmas approaching !!.

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