What is a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is a unique identifier for you website on the internet. It is used in place of your unique IP address which is a series of numbers that makes your website easy to find.

Domain names can be typed into the address bar otherwise known as your URL (Unique Resource Locator) bar at the top of a web browser.  It enables a search engine to find your website because your domain name is unique meaning it will only find “your” website i.e. your domain name.

Most businesses try to register a domain name that matches the name of their business; however this is not always possible as someone else may have already registered that domain name. In such cases, businesses will try to find a domain name that is available that has relevance to their business or their business name.


WWW. stands for World Wide Web and it is commonly referred to as the Web. The web, is an information system where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators. (Courtesy of Wikipedia).

Domain Registrars:

Domain names are registered through a domain registrar. There are lots of domain registrars available and the best advice is to type into a search engine such as google “Top 10 domain registrars”. View the results and reviews then choose the one which best matches your requirements.

Most registrar have plenty of offers available but beware they may offer you an excellent discount on your first year of registration, then charge you a lot more for any subsequent years.

My preferred registrar is www.lcn.com. I have used this site for registering my domain names for over 15 years without any problems though other registrars are also available. It is personal preference.

A lot of domain registrars are also website hosting companies, who will offer you a free domain name if you take up the option of a hosting package. For details on website hosting see our next blog post.

The bit at the end matters:

A domain name is made up of 3 parts i.e.

1).            www – which we mentioned previously;

2).            your chosen name i.e. my business;

3).            the Top-Level-Domain (TLD), which is the most common extension such as “.com”.

Your domain name would look something link www.mybusiness.com

In the past “.com” would signify an international website. If you were in the United Kingdom (UK) and your target audience was within the UK then you would register a “.co.uk” domain name. However due to the over whelming demand for domain names Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) release extra TLD’s to cope with the demand. There are now hundreds of TLD’s available Further information can be found at:


There are now TLD’s which may be relevant to the nature of your business for example “.photography” if you are a photographer or “.london” if your business based in London. Try to find what best match for your website that demonstrates what the site is portraying. An excellent website that lists available domain names in an infographic:


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